Unexpected Flowers

There is the expected, and there is the unexpected. When itís a special day for your significant other or close friend, he or she may be expecting something, and it is important to come through.

Most people agree that the best time to receive flowers and gifts is when they arenít expecting them at all.

  • A recent survey shows that for every 20 Americans who think Valentineís Day is the best time to receive flowers,
    30 others think itís even more special when flowers are received with no special occasion in mind.
    Itís the unexpected surprise and thoughtfulness behind the gift that means so much.


  • A gift on an Anniversary or Motherís Day may be rightfully expected, but receiving a gift that express love in the middle of a stressful week can turn a troubled time to a happy one.
    When you really love someone, itís often the little unexpected gestures that really show them how much you care.

  • While 26% percent of Americans named jewelry as the gift most likely to make them smile, flowers ranked a close second at 23%, and there are a variety of fresh flower gift options at most local florists.Other great gifts include candies, cards, books, CDs, a special dinner out, or a romantic movie at home.
    Use your imagination.

  • Think flowers and gifts are just for women? Think again.Research shows that men are just as likely as women to appreciate flowers and gifts, especially when given for no special occasion.
    A colorful bouquet with a bold, masculine flair can brighten up any guyís office workday, and the giftís beauty and aroma will remind him of you every time he sees it.

We all like presents, and most people agree that an unexpected gift can turn a day around...

Whether itís a Monday, a bad hair day, laundry day, or any day of the week, you can always make it more special with flowers, a card, or some other personal token delivered.
But whatever it is, the most important thing is that it is straight from the heart.
So, remember what great gift-givers throughout the ages have always known ó itís that thoughtful gift and personal note for ďno special reasonĒ that really gets noticed.

List source: By 'Tolik' On December 26, 2008

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