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You're a guy, and you're here at Posh Posy Florist.

Chances are;  you're here to buy flowers.

And, c
hances are,  you're here to send those flowers to a female...

You think you know what your doing..

chances are;
you don't.

The follow guide is intended to help you guys out..

A Guys' Guide
to Giving Flowers

For the man who thinks "it's a jungle out there" when it comes to buying flowers, these simple tips will pave the way:

Be Spontaneous. Women may be used to receiving flowers on birthdays, anniversaries and Valentine's Day. They may even notice the absence of flowers on these occasions.
But flowers given for no reason other than "I was thinking of you today" have a huge impact because they are unexpected.

Get more bloom for the buck.
In a classic case of supply and demand, the price of roses peaks on Valentine's Day and Mother's Day. Roses are a great value during other times of the year, especially during the summer  - all the more reason to give them spontaneously.

Don't overlook anyone. A bouquet can express a range of feelings - from romantic to friendly to something in-between. Your wife or significant other will love to receive a surprise gift of flowers. So will your mother, daughter, sister, assistant or female friends.

Try something new. Women are keenly aware of the multitude of floral varieties available and are eager to see new specimens first-hand. Giving roses of an unusual hue - like peach and pink - or an arrangement of mixed flowers demonstrates an awareness of color and an understanding of botany that will not go unnoticed.

Flowers are never boring. Because of their infinite diversity and unique appeal, flowers can be given time and time again without losing their "specialness". Each new floral arrangement is a fresh and individual declaration of appreciation - reflecting positively on your imagination and thoughtfulness.

Flowers don't have to mean commitment. Relax, guys. Women know when an arrangement simply means that you care.

Get professional help. Selecting flowers may be a bewildering experience for the uninitiated man.   Fortunately help is available! Floral designers are experts in the art of expression and can create an affordable and personalized flower arrangement that will match both your sentiments (light or serious) and the woman's or man's personality.

Be prepared. When calling your florist or ordering on-line, have the name of the person you're surprising, the delivery address (including city and zip code if possible), the telephone number, and method of payment ready. If you're not sure what you want to order, now's the time to ask for ideas, or choose the designer's choice option and include your comments on the sentiment you want to express, along with any comments on the other person's personality (like outdoorsy, romantic, very feminine, etc.).

A gift of flowers goes a long way.  Every woman remembers the last time she got flowers, and so do many men. Just as you never forgot the first time a woman other than your mom served you a home-cooked meal, she'll treasure your thoughtful gesture forever.

List source: The Society of American Florists


Article source: The Society of American Florists


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