Tending to your Roses:
Basic Care
Wilting Roses

Basic Care:
Cut roses don't have to be here today and gone tomorrow. Their vase life can be extended with a little TLC and special care
 to keep the blooms looking fresh longer. You should be able to enjoy fresh cut roses for 7 to 10 days by following these tips to help add days to their life and beauty...

Wilting Roses

A few more pointers..

methods to prolong the life of cut roses work better than others...
Here are a few preservatives:

One Last Word...

Floral preservative can help the flowers last longer. You can use a commercial preservative or make your own. However, some experts advise against any home concoctions because they don't provide the complex mixture of nutrients and preservatives that cut flowers need to survive.
Others argue that using all-natural ingredients serve the purpose as effectively, and the needed ingredients are usually already available at home.