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Being Romantic

What Women Think
Women often complain that the men in their lives are not romantic enough.

But men sometimes have trouble expressing their feelings, often resorting to cheesy Hallmark cards or pricey bejeweled baubles to do the job for them.

But there is a far better way to be romantic and it doesn’t involve spending a fortune or even opening your mouth.

Symbols In Days of Lore..
In the days before courting consisted of hanging out and getting drinks, courting was a formal and dignified endeavor. Symbols were used to express feelings and thoughts deemed too special for mere words.

Secret Messages..
During the Victorian Era, a whole romantic language developed around the giving and receiving of flowers. Everything from the type and size of the flower to the way it was held or presented conveyed
layers of meaning and communicated a gentleman’s feelings and intentions.
Each bouquet contained a secret message for a lady to eagerly interpret and endlessly dissect.

The reason the Victorians used flowers as messages was because there were so many rules about how and where and what was appropriate to communicate.
As such, they hid more tender communications behind the hints and suggestions of flowers.

Bringing it Back..
Resurrecting this Victorian tradition will infuse the gesture of giving flowers with new life and romance and bring back some of the subtly, mystery, and fun of courtship.

Your lady will swoon that you put far more thought into your selection of flowers. You’ll come off as a real gentleman and a hopeless romantic.

It can become an amazing tradition you’ll both enjoy. Seriously. Women eat this stuff up.

Of course, even women nowadays have forgotten the meanings of flowers. So buy your lady a flower dictionary, or use the one online here. (whatever source you use, it’s important that you both use the same reference, as the meanings were never set in stone and can sometimes vary from source to source). Then, each time you present her with a bouquet, she can reference what secret messages you embedded in the flowers.

Careful with some flower messages...
You wouldn’t give a Chrysanthemum to a French woman… they are mostly used to decorate tombs.
Similarly, white flowers are used at funerals in some Asian countries, so double-check those meanings for appropriateness for the country you beloved is from before offering a bunch of flowers that may end up having the opposite effect you desire…

THE BEST TIME To Give Flowers...
The best time to give flowers is when she least expects it. Throw in a short hand written letter and she will melt.


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