Gift Baskets:

 Gourmet Fruit Basket

The care taken with making anything by hand lends a level of special attention to detail that makes gift baskets so lovely to give and receive.

Every item that goes into personalized gift baskets can be selected to meet the specific desires of the recipient. The basket can also be finished off  with wrap, ribbon and bows in the favorite colors of your special someone.

Although we might think of gift baskets as a modern way to give gifts, gift baskets have actually a rather long legacy, spanning years and cultures

Historically, baskets were woven using the most appropriate materials that could be sourced locally. Gatherers used baskets for collecting fruit and other food while the hunters made use of them to store their catch of the day.

Perhaps this would explain the modern day use of baskets as gift bearers, particularly since gift baskets originally served the purpose of presenting organic gifts such as fruit, flowers and other types of perishables.